Audi 80/90/Coupe

Since 1986-1991 of release

Repair and car operation

Audi 80/90/Coupe
+ 1.2. Car identification
+ 2. Engines, carburettors
3. Greasing system
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. An exhaust system
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Transmission
+ 9. Suspension brackets, wheels
- 10. Brake system
   10.1.2. Brake Pads forward brakes
   10.1.3. Brake Pads back brakes
   10.1.4. The general adjustment of back brakes (Girling)
   10.1.5. Replacement brake колодок (all-wheel drive models)
   10.1.6. The general adjustment of back brakes (Girling) (all-wheel drive models)
   10.1.7. Plugs of pedals of a brake and coupling
   10.1.8. Adjustment of a manual brake
   10.1.9. Removal of the lever of a manual brake
   + 10.2. Hydraulic components
   + 10.3. Antiblocking system of brakes
+ 11. A steering
+ 12. A body, salon
+ 13. A central air
+ 14. An electric equipment


10.1.3. Brake Pads back brakes Replacement brake колодок

1) remove back wheels

The prevention

At installation old brake колодок mark them to establish on an initial place.

2) remove a brake support (keep directing pin a wrench at untwisting of bolts)
3) remove brake Pads
4) twist the support piston in the cylinder, having pressed on the piston and rotating it clockwise by means of a wrench with накидной a head, effort apply in a direction of arrows
5) establish brake Pads
6) establish a support and fix its new bolts tightened to 35 Н.м.

The prevention

In the repair complete set there are four самоконтрящихся a bolt which are necessary for using.

After installation new brake колодок spend the general adjustment of back brakes.